• Safari - my main browser. It’s fast and respects privacy
  • Firefox - amazing open source browser. I would use it as my main browser if it had a level of synchronisation between Mac and iPhone that Safari has
  • Brave - if suddenly I need Chromium, I use Brave


  • Things 3 - my task management system. All my personal, hobby, study and work tasks live there. It has a lot of powerful features and pleasant design (Apple Design Award)
  • Alfred - it is not just a spotlight (default and powerful search interface on macOS) replacement, it’s a command centre. I use different workflows more than a hundred times per day. Some of them will be referenced below. Also, I use current-task workflow as the core element of the whole CT (Current Task) system. It is based on my alfred-timing workflow
  • Bear - note taking app. All notes are stored in iCloud. Has Markdown and media support. Besides regular notes, Bear is my personal knowledge base. I access my notes using this Alfred workflow that allows me to quickly open a floating window with any note I can then export the note from Bear (I prefer PDF) to share it with somebody
  • Fantastical 2 - my favourite calendar app. Has NLP support
  • Timing - the tracking app. I track all my “digital” time using Timing’s rules and my current-task Alfred workflow
  • MindNode - an app for creating mind maps. I use it during brainstorming sessions, ideas, visual information structuring and for many other things
  • Keyboard Maestro - the core app of macOS automation. I started using it last year and already have ~200 macros that boost my productivity a lot.


  • JetBrains Rider - cross-platform .NET IDE based on IntelliJ and ReSharper.
  • Visual Studio Code - hackable electron-based code editor. Use it when working with Go, Solidity or JS. Used Atom before
  • Sublime Text - native text editor. I use to modify my dotfiles and other configs because of how fast it is
  • Xcode - Apple’s IDE. The only way to do Swift development, but I also use it when I need to write some C++ code or build Unity project for iOS
  • SnippetsLab - code snippets manager


  • Unity - my favourite real-time 3D development platform. Use it for my work and hobby games and apps
  • Tower - GUI Git Client of my choice. Before I used SourceTree, GitHub Desktop and GitKraken
  • Dash - offline documentation browser. I store gigabytes of documentation locally and search it via Dash’s Alfred workflow. This way I always have instant access to all documentation I need
  • iTerm2 - terminal emulator for macOS. On Windows I use Hyper
  • Paw - powerful and fast native HTTP client. I used Insomnia made with Electron.
  • TablePlus - databas management app
  • Transmit - an app for accessing remote storages such as SFTP, S3 servers or Google Drive. Use it a lot at work because web interface of Google Drive is slow.
  • Termius - SSH client
  • Now - for quick deployments
  • Docker - containers management

Graphics and Design

  • Pixelmator Pro - my favourite image editing tool. The team behind the app is very focused on integrating all features Apple ecosystem provides, including Machine Learning
  • Blender - open source 3D creation tool
  • Figma - collaborative prototyping tool

Privacy and Security

  • 1Password - password manager
  • Backblaze - encrypted cloud backups
  • TunnelBear - VPN
  • Little Snitch - macOS kernel extension that allows to monitor all network request and some of block them under a certain conditions. It is common to use ad blockers and privacy extensions nowadays, but these block only browser activity. Most of the apps use services by companies like Google or Facebook for various reasons. With Little Snitch it is possible to block these as well. I have 105 rules only for blocking Google analytics and various ad requests 🙂
  • Micro Snitch - track camera and mic usage. An alternative to OverSight but without annoying notifications

Tools and misc

  • Transmission - BitTorrent client
  • Archiver - archive manager. Supports all major formats and has minimalistic UI.
  • Squash - for quick image compression
  • Permute - media format converter
  • Paprika - receip manager
  • Mate Translate - handy translator app
  • Lungo - prevents Mac from going to sleep
  • Focus - website and application blocker
  • WebTorrent - Electron-powered BitTorrent client that allows to stream video while it is downloading
  • CleanShot - a solid replacement for default macOS Screenshot app


  • Tweetbot - Twitter client
  • Telegram - main instant messaging app. I use native macOS client because it has more features over the Qt one (i.e. secret chats)
  • Slack - work communication
  • Discord - communities
  • FaceTime - the best video calls experience
  • Skype - cross-platform video calls


  • Bisq - open-source P2P cryptocurrency exchange
  • Coin Tick - displays cryptocurrency prices in menu bar


  • iWork - native apps for working with documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Support collaboration and have web version.

Software Management

  • Setapp - 100+ macOS apps available for €10 per month. Some of them have their own subscription when buying directly, so paying for Setapp can be a good money saver :)
  • CleanMyMac - powerful software to clean Mac using different tools
  • JetBrains Toolbox - an app to mange JetBrains’ IDEs.

System Customisation

  • TripMode - allows to whitelist a certain apps when on mobile network to save traffic
  • Bartender - menu bar customisation
  • Karabiner-Elements  - open-source kernel extension to customise keyboard
  • Contexts - Command-Tab replacement. Unlike the default one, Contexts allows to switch between windows instead of apps. It also has a nice search feature
  • BetterTouchTool - app that allows you to customise various input devices. I use it to customise TouchBar
  • gSwitch - open-source menu bar app that allows control over the gpu

Safari Extensions

  • DuckDuckGo Privacy - blocks tracking
  • Grammarly - AI-powered writing assistant
  • DarkReader - enables dark mode for all websites
  • Cascadea - apply custom themes to the websites
  • Select Like A Boss - allows to select text invite URLs. By default Safari will enable drag-and-drop mechanic
  • Wipr - ad blocker. Used uBlock Origin before.
  • Vimari - provides keyboard based navigation. Port of Vimium.