This page describes software and hardware I use. Other people also do such lists. I don’t know why.


  • MacBook Pro 15
  • Planck Ez
  • Razer Deathadder
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • AirPods Pro and Marshall Major II
  • Raspberry Pi Zero to host Pi Hole and Pi 4 for other things
  • Nintendo Switch


  • Safari — my main browser. It’s fast and respects privacy.
  • Firefox - amazing open-source browser. I would use it as my main browser if it had a level of synchronisation between Mac and iPhone that Safari has
  • Lagrange - open source gemini client


  • Things 3 - my task management system. All my personal, hobby, study and work tasks live there. It has many powerful features and pleasant design (Apple Design Award)
  • Alfred - it is not just a spotlight (default and powerful search interface on macOS) replacement, it’s a command centre. I use different workflows more than a hundred times per day. Some of them will be referenced below. Also, I use current-task workflow as the core element of the whole CT (Current Task) system. It is based on my alfred-timing workflow
  • Bear - note-taking app. All notes are stored in iCloud. Has Markdown and media support. Besides regular notes, Bear is my personal knowledge base. I access my notes using this Alfred workflow that allows me to quickly open a floating window with any note I can then export the note from Bear (I prefer PDF) to share it with somebody
  • Fantastical 2 - my favourite calendar app. Has NLP support
  • MindNode - an app for creating mind maps. I use it during brainstorming sessions, ideas, visual information structuring and for many other things
  • Keyboard Maestro - the core app of macOS automation. I started using it last year and already have ~200 macros that boost my productivity a lot


  • JetBrains Rider - cross-platform .NET IDE based on IntelliJ and ReSharper
  • Visual Studio Code - hackable electron-based code editor. Use it when working with Go, Solidity or JS. Used Atom before
  • Xcode - Apple’s IDE. Mostly used to build Unity project for iOS


  • Unity - my favourite real-time 3D development platform. Use it for my work and hobby games and apps
  • Tower - GUI Git Client of my choice. Before I used SourceTree, GitHub Desktop and GitKraken
  • Dash - offline documentation browser. I store gigabytes of documentation locally and search it via Dash’s Alfred workflow. This way I always have instant access to all documentation I need
  • iTerm2 - terminal emulator for macOS. On Windows, I use Windows Terminal
  • Paw - powerful and fast native HTTP client. I used Insomnia made with Electron.
  • TablePlus - databas management app
  • Transmit - an app for accessing remote storages such as SFTP, S3 servers or Google Drive. Use it a lot at work because web interface of Google Drive is slow.
  • Docker Desktop - containers management

Graphics and Design

  • Pixelmator Pro - my favourite image editing tool. The team behind the app is very focused on integrating all features Apple ecosystem provides, including Machine Learning
  • Figma - collaborative prototyping tool

Privacy and Security

Tools and misc


  • Telegram - open-source instant messaging app. I use native macOS client because it has more features over the Qt one (i.e. secret chats)
  • Slack - work communication
  • FaceTime - the best software for video calls


  • iWork - native apps for working with documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Support collaboration and have web version.

Software Management

  • Setapp - 100+ macOS apps available for €10 per month. Some of them have their subscription when buying directly, so paying for Setapp can be a good money saver :)
  • CleanMyMac - powerful software to clean Mac using different tools
  • JetBrains Toolbox - an app to manage JetBrains’ IDEs.

System Customisation

  • TripMode - allows whitelisting certain apps when on mobile network to save traffic
  • Bartender - menu bar customisation
  • Karabiner-Elements - open-source kernel extension to customise keyboard
  • Contexts - Command-Tab replacement. Unlike the default one, Contexts allows switching between windows instead of apps. It also has a nice search feature
  • gSwitch - open-source menu bar app that allows control over the GPU

Safari Extensions

  • DarkReader - enables dark mode for all websites
  • Wipr - ad blocker. Used uBlock Origin before.
  • Vimari - provides keyboard-based navigation. Port of Vimium.